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Create Your Event Livevenuetix.com
Create Your Event

Easily create your event and add your images and branding, set your date, time, location and ticket prices.

Launch your Event
Launch Your Event

Once you're satisfied with your event details and ticketing, you're ready to launch your event!

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Share your event on your favorite social media platforms. Anyone viewing your event page will be able to do the same.

Create, Manage and Organize.

Manage your sales in real time, Organize event data from your account  dashboard. Share your event page, update changes anytime. 

Event Page Sharing Livevenuetix.com


Grow your event with your beautiful event landing page packed with features!


Add your logo and other images inside your page as well as your flyer.


Send your event URL in emails and share with social media buttons.


Track your sales and event data in you Organizer Dashboard.

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We work hard at making sure our platform suits all of your needs! Why would you go anywhere else to host your event? That’s why we redesigned our website and you are witnessing our Re-Launch now!

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