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Finding Events is easy, simply hit the search icon located on the very top of the page for a quick search or you can click the FIND EVENTS link in our main menu. That link will bring you to our event calendar page where all events are listed.

Find/Search Events

Additional Search Options on Calendar page

Free Events are Free

There are no fees for Free events hosted on our site. RSVP will be the method of ticketing for your guests. Attendees will still get an email with their unique QR Coded RSVP ticket. Organizers will get all of the same info and reports just like a ticketed event. Same great security, service, support and freedom from livevenuetix.com.

Ticketed Events (Processing Fees)

Organizers only pay PayPal & Credit Card Processing Fees off the backend. (deducted automatically)

PayPal’s Processing fee is: 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
Credit Card Processing fee is: 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
(So a $10 ticket after the Payment Processing fee would be $9.50)

So $9.50 is what an organizer would receive as a payout from a $10 ticket sale.

To ensure the quality and performance of our platform our service fee is 20% per transaction. (This fee is paid by Event Goers) If an event goer pays $10 for a ticket then the site fee would be $2.00 (Total at checkout would be $12.)

Organizers receive a breakdown on payout statements clearly defining the processing fees & site fees that your customer pays. First time organizers pay ZERO (0) fees! Our welcome gift to you for submitting your event on livevenuetix.com.

Credit Card Processing Fees

501 (c)(3) Credit Card Fees

Ticketed Events

After you have created an account you will have the ability to sell tickets for your events. Simply click ADD NEW TICKET button at the bottom of the SUBMIT AN EVENT page. You can also add an image to your e-tickets that will be emailed to your event goers. Just click SELECT AN IMAGE to upload your image. This can further expand your brand to your event goers. Past organizers have used images such as logos, sponsors, or event flyers. It’s totally up you.

Adding a Ticket

You can select RSVP for free events or select Tickets to sell tickets. Make sure you fill out all fields in this area then click SAVE THIS TICKET. After you have saved your first ticket, you can create as many new tickets as you need for your event as well as RSVP’s.

Fill out all fields


Payout Details

To make sure you get paid for your ticket sales, you must enter your payout details. You can be paid by direct deposit, check (USD), or PayPal. Livevenuetix.com default’s to PayPal for your payout details. You can change the way you want to get paid by sending us an email to support@livevenuetix.com with the subject Payout Details to change how you want to get paid. Your payout will start processing 3 days after the event ends. To get started, create an account then just head over to your Account Dashboard page click Edit Events and Access Reports and select Payment Options.

Account Dashboard

Payment Options

Account Snapshot

Below are some screenshots to help you better understand your account and some Event Page features.

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Create Your Event

After you sign up/register an account with Livevenuetix.com you can create your first event.

Create Event

Account Dashboard

Sample Event Information

Attendee Information

Sample Event Page

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